Corporate Philosophy

We, Aizawa Asset Management Co., Ltd, established ourselves not only to offer opportunities in “alternative investments”, which have long been considered as “niche” by the Japanese asset management industry, but to offer the joy to learn and grow through investments. We endeavor to deepen the understanding of our investment objectives, while pursuing a high return relative to risk in the long-term. We would like to walk this path together and share the process and result with our investors. We believe that this path will lead us to our goal of building “The most desired Japanese alternative asset management company”.

The phrase “alternative investments” covers a wide range, and the assets that fall under this definition changes over time. Real asset investments represented by “infrastructure” which includes public facilities, “private equities” which lack transparency, “venture capitals” and “buy-out funds” which often invest in private equities, and “hedge funds”, a word often heard but rarely understood with its many strategies are all investments which lack certitude by Japanese investors and are often generalized into the term “alternative investments”.

As a pioneer of alternative investments in Japan, our team has been involved in the structuring and investment of financial products for retail and institutional investors in Japan since the 1990’s. We would be delighted for the opportunity to offer our investment services.

Shinichiro Shiraki, CEO