Private Equity

①Investment Concept

We seek a new horizon in domestic market of private assets 

 The secondary market of illiquid assets is still immature. By participating and growing the secondary market through our strategyincreased market liquidity will provide domestic institutional investors with potential for a diversified range of investment strategies. By accessing investment opportunities that offer predictable and shorterecovery periods, we are convinced that this will lead to a steady and long-term investment return.  

5 tools to realize this investment concept: 

  • Experience in a wide range of investment strategies to provide liquidity 
  • Asset valuation expertise 
  • Wide access to potential sellers 
  • Disciplined investment diversification 
  • Limitation of downside risk 
②Investment Strategies

◆Secondary Strategy 

Secondary Strategy is to acquire low-liquidity assets, such as fund interests to private equity funds and venture capital funds as well as non-listed equities. 


◆Co-investment Strategy 

Co-investment Strategy is to provide investment opportunities by fund provision in a form of co-investment to acquisitions by private equity funds and venture capital funds.