Aizawa Asset Management (AAM) recognizes that it is essential to seclude and eliminate ourselves from any relationship with anti-social forces and declares the following basic policy in order to secure appropriateness and soundness of business operation as a Financial Instrument Business Operator. 


  1. AAM shall respond, as an organization in its entirety, to any unjustified demands by anti-social forces and shall ensure safety of our employees. 
  1. .AAM shall establish cooperative relationships with external specialist, such as police, the National Center for the Elimination of Boryokudan (Organized Crime Group), and legal counsels to deal with unjustified demands made by antisocial forces. 
  1. AAM shall not have any relationship including business or transactional relationships with anti-social forces. AAM shall strongly refuse any unjustified demands by anti-social forces. 
  1. AAM shall take legal measures, on both civil and criminal basis, towards any unjustified demands by anti-social forces. 
  1. AAM shall never conduct under-the-table transactions with anti-social forces, even if their demands are to conceal the matter related to any misconduct of either AAM or its employees. AAM shall absolutely not provide funds to anti-social forces.