Corporate History

The origin of Aizawa Asset Management was Tudor Capital Japan Limited, established in 1999.

Formerly the Japanese subsidiary of Tudor Investment Corporation, a major American hedge fund, it changed its name to Asuka Asset Management in July 2002 as a result of a management buyout by the founders who were co-managers of a proprietary account trading team at Salomon Smith Barney, Tokyo. Akebono was also derived from a company established by Asuka to dedicate to private investments, and has now rejoined Asuka.



Asuka Asset Management

Akebono Asset Management

February, 1999

Founded Tudor Capital Japan Limited


July, 2002

Founded Asuka Asset Management Limited


October, 2004

Founded Monex Alternative Investments, Inc


March, 2005

Founded Asuka Corporate Advisory Co., Ltd.


October, 2005

Founded Asuka DBJ Partners



Founded Mitsui & Co. Asuka Investments Ltd.


December, 2008

Changed corporate name of Mitsui & Co. Asuka Investments Ltd to Asuka Commodity Investments Co., Ltd.


November, 2009

Shifted to Japanese corporation and changed corporate name from Asuka Asset Management Limited to Asuka Asset Management Co., Ltd.


February, 2011

Asuka Commodity Investments Ltd. was absorbed into Monex Alternative Investments, Inc.


August, 2012


Monex Alternative Investments Inc., became a subsidiary of Astmax Inc.

October, 2012


Monex Alternative Investments Inc., and investment advisory division of Astmax Inc., merged into Astmax Asset Management Co., Ltd.

April, 2013


Astmax Asset Management Co., Ltd acquired ITC Investment Partners Co.,Ltd, to being licesed to investment trust business.

July, 2014

Formed a Strategic Partnership and Cross Ownership with StormHarbour


June, 2015


Astmax Inc, and Cornwall Capital Management LP established Akebono Asset Management Ltd.

February, 2017


Engaged with Ariake Secondary Fund I LP, a secondary strategy fund, for investment management agreement.

June, 2018

Dissolved Strategic Partnership and Cross Ownership with StormHarbour


October, 2019


Established Ariake Secondary Fund II LP, a secondary strategy fund.



Established Ariake-T1 Investment LP, a target investment fund.

November, 2019

Acquired 100% shares of Hurray Trust Inc. to make it a wholly owned subsidiary


January, 2020

Entered into a capital alliance with Akebono Asset


June, 2020

Became a wholly owned subsidiary of Aizawa Securities Co.,Ltd


December, 2020


Became a subsidiary of Aizawa Securities Co.,Ltd

February, 2021

 Asuka Asset Management Co., Ltd. and Akebono Asset Management Ltd. merged and changed its corporate name to Aizawa Asset Management Co.,Ltd.