Aizawa Asset Management Co.,Ltd.. (the “Company”) establishes and complies with privacy policy as follows as a guideline to protect the personal information retained. The Company will continually protect and appropriately handle personal information in accordance with the following guideline and will fully comply with all applicable legislation regarding privacy protection. 


1.Acquiring personal information 

The Company will acquire personal information necessary for performing business in an appropriate and lawful manner. 


2.Use of personal information 

ⅰ. The Company will use the personal information obtained for the following purposes. 

  • To conduct the affairs agreed on investment advisory agreement and investment management agreement. 
  • To provide investment advisory services. 
  • For customer reporting purposes. 
  • To provide information for the purpose of solicitation, sales and investment of the Company’s products and services, including Type II financial instruments business, discretionary investment contracts and investment advisory contracts. 
  • To conduct customer transactions efficiently, etc. 

ⅱ. The Company will specify the purpose of use of personal information. 

.  The Company will not use any personal information without their prior consent other than the purpose specified in previous items. 


3.Providing personal information to third parties 

The Company may provide necessary personal information to third parties in compliance with the Act concerning Protection of Personal Information (Japan Law No. 57, 2003) when prior consent of the person is given, consignment is committed within the extent of the use of purpose, based on laws and regulations, and considered necessary to protect customers or public interest. 


4.Managing personal information 

ⅰ. The Company will maintain the accuracy and timeliness of the personal information and will provide appropriate measures to securely manage the information. 

The Company will take measures to avoid improper access to the personal information retained. 


5.5. Restriction on provision to third parties 

The Company will not provide personal information to third parties without prior consent of the individual, except as required by law provided in the Personal Information Protection Law and related laws and regulations. 

6.Disclosure and correction of personal information 

When disclosure, correction, discontinuation of use, and deletion of retained personal information is requested by the person, the Company will take sincere and accurate steps with the least delay in compliance with the laws and regulation after confirming that it is a request from the person himself/herself 

7.How to contact us 

For requests related our Company’s handling of personal information please contact us as follows: 


8. Personal Information Protection Organization 

Japan Investment Advisers Association